Q2574 121 Centre
Q4593 3rd Floor publishing organisation
Q5938 5everdankly publisher
Q2548 ;paranoia publishing group
Q1038 A Circular publishing organisation
Q2661 A.A. Balkema
Q4655 ACME studios publishing organisation
Q2613 AND
Q2534 ARLIS/UK & Ireland
Q2679 Adelphi Publishing
Q2599 Afterall Books
Q2595 Akademie der Künste
Q374 Akerman Daly Akerman Daly is Jeremy Akerman, Eileen Daly, and James Bingham. Since 2004 we have commissioned, edited, and published artists’ writing in print, online, and through live events.
Q4598 Aloes Books publishing organisation
Q2674 Already not yet
Q1036 Alternative Press publishing organisation
Q3398 Amateur Cities an online publishing platform on alternative ways of citymaking presented critically
Q2522 Ambit Magazine
Q1031 An Endless Supply at Jerwood Project Space publishing organisation
Q4584 Anna Braham publishing organisation
Q4653 Antagonism Press publishing organisation
Q2678 Apple Up Ya Bum Publishing
Q2590 Arbor Vitae Foundation and Gavu Cheb
Q2689 Arcade
Q258 Arcadia Missa Arcadia Missa Publishing gallery and publisher
Q2568 Architectural Association
Q4610 Archive Books publishing organisation
Q2688 Art Not Oil, Liberate Tate, Platform
Q2680 Art in General
Q3424 Art on the Underground A commissioning arts programme
Q2698 Artangel
Q4620 Artangel Interaction publishing organisation
Q5561 Artphilein Edition Publisher
Q2538 Artwords Press
Q2677 Associazione Culturale Neural
Q2537 Auerbach Publishers Inc.
Q4646 Auto Italia South East publishing organisation
Q2549 Awangarda BWA
Q2692 Back to Front
Q2542 Bank, Black Dog Publishing
Q122 Banner Repeater artist-led contemporary art space: a reading room, an experimental project space, and a publisher
Q2632 Beautiful/Banal
Q1048 Behind the X publishing organisation
Q2701 Belgian Pavilion
Q4583 Bergen Kunstall and Foundling Court publishing organisation
Q3587 Bergen Kunsthall
Q4616 Betancourt & Company publishing organisation
Q2563 Black Church print studio
Q2564 Black Dog Publishing Limited
Q2518 Bloomsbury Publishing
Q2630 Bold Tendencies
Q2521 Book Woorks
Q1043 Book Works publishing organisation
Q2601 Book Works, Situations
Q4647 Book Works, de Appel publishing organisation
Q2691 Borgo Press
Q3548 Bosse & Baum
Q2662 Broadcast Gallery
Q1035 CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts publishing organisation
Q1034 CHELSEA Space publishing organisation
Q2695 Cafe Royal Books
Q2554 Calories Factory Publications
Q2687 Calverts
Q2524 Camberwell Press
Q2684 Camberwell Press and Flat Time House
Q4609 Canopy Canopy Canopy, Inc. publishing organisation
Q2655 Carcanet Press Ltd
Q2540 Carroll / Fletcher Caroll Fletcher, Caroll Fletcher LLP, Carroll/Fletcher
Q366 Cassandra Press Cassandra Artist-run publishing project
Q3356 Catalyst Arts Artist-led organisation in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Q3408 Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia
Q2517 Central Saint Martins
Q2690 Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
Q2608 Centre for Useless Splendour, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University
Q2571 Chipmunkapublishing
Q3298 Collective Creativity Arts Collective
Q4596 Common Practice publishing organisation
Q2579 Contemporary Fine Arts
Q2557 Control Magazine
Q2672 Control Magazine
Q5794 Conveyor Editions Conveyor, Conveyor Arts, Conveyor Studio American independent publisher and production house
Q2586 Copy Press
Q2633 Cornerhouse
Q2569 Critical Writing Collective
Q2570 Critical Writting collective
Q5568 Cymru yn Fenis Venice in Wales The organisation responsible for commissioning the Wales Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
Q4632 DRAF publishing organisation
Q3712 DRY RUN PRESS dry run press, Dry Run Press Independent publisher in Hong Kong, specialising in limited edition silkscreen print, artists book and zines.
Q4633 Damiani Editore publishing organisation
Q2525 David Roberts Art Foundation
Q5742 Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers publisher
Q4592 Dell Publishing Co. publishing organisation
Q2515 Dent-De-Leone
Q2629 Design Museum
Q296 Deste Foundation
Q1039 Ditto Press publishing organisation
Q4638 Divus publishing organisation
Q2623 Doppell Edition
Q4636 Edgewise Press publishing organisation
Q2703 Editions Publibook
Q2588 Enough Room for Space
Q2682 Everyday Press
Q4656 Firstsite publishing organisation
Q2624 Flat Time House
Q1040 Focal Point Gallery publishing organisation
Q2652 Fondazione Galleria Civica di Trento, Mousse Publishing
Q2559 Footprint Workers Co-op
Q2620 FormContent Publishing
Q4606 FormContent. S1 ARTSPACE publishing organisation
Q2516 Four Corners Book, Casco
Q1046 Four Corners Books publishing organisation
Q2697 Foxy Productions
Q4643 Frieze Foundation publishing organisation
Q2606 Funacja Bec Zmiana
Q2605 Fundacja Bęc Zmiana
Q2656 Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych (Foundation for the Visual Arts)
Q2607 Furnished Editions, The Everyday Press
Q2611 GAGA vzw
Q3594 Galerie Neu
Q3510 Garret Publications
Q2598 Gazonrouge/ magnus muler
Q2575 Gingko Press
Q5432 Glasgow Women's Library Glasgow Womens Library, GWL public library in Glasgow, Scotland
Q4641 Goldmark publishing organisation
Q4599 Grafters' Quarterly publishing organisation
Q3614 Grand Union
Q4644 Grey Area publishing organisation
Q2602 Grotto & Grafische Cel
Q2552 Grove Press
Q2646 Gulf Publishing Company
Q4645 Guy Robertson / Son Gallery publishing organisation
Q3551 HOAX curatorial project dedicated to giving an online, print and IRL platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing
Q2702 Hammann & Vonmier Verlag
Q4628 Harper Collins Publishers publishing organisation
Q300 Hatje Cantz Verlag publisher
Q1025 Hato Press
Q2618 Hats off Books
Q3714 Hesse Press Los Angeles based publishing house
Q2631 Hollington & Kyprianou
Q5835 Houseboat Press independent publishing house
Q2572 ICA
Q3357 Influx Press Publisher based in London, UK.
Q52 Information as Material
Q342 Inland Editions
Q3401 Institute of Network Cultures research organisation
Q2523 Interval Publishing
Q4618 Intype Libra publishing organisation
Q4078 Inventory Press publisher
Q2610 Invisible Books
Q3443 JOAN Joan Publishing independent publisher
Q5903 Just Disoeuvre Press press
Q2666 Keith Talent Gallery
Q2643 Kingston University London
Q2604 Kitty Anderson and Vanessa Billy
Q4603 Koenig Books London publishing organisation
Q1045 Koenig Books Ltd, Serpentine Gallery publishing organisation
Q2638 Kunsthalle Zürich
Q5440 Kunstverein München
Q3268 LL'Editions publisher
Q4595 Labor publishing organisation
Q2576 Lanchester Gallery Project (LCP)
Q2696 Lanchester Gallery Projects
Q4621 Last Exit publishing organisation
Q4654 Latimer New Dimensions Limited publishing organisation
Q2609 Laura Bartlett Gallery
Q2596 Lecturis, Eindhoven on Munken Rough
Q3590 Lenz Press
Q2683 Lokaal 01
Q2645 Lubok Verlag
Q2681 Lubok Verlag, Leipzig
Q4622 Lukas & Sternberg publishing organisation
Q5849 MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE Ma Bibliotheque press
Q4591 MIT Press publishing organisation
Q2670 MJM Records
Q2585 MOT International MOT, MOT Gallery
Q2589 Maciej Stefan Odoj
Q2654 Madame Wang Publishing
Q2627 Marion van Wijk and Dalstar, Veenman Publishers
Q2660 Marmalade, Publisher of Visual Theory
Q2667 Mary Mary
Q2659 Material
Q136 Matt's Gallery an arts organisation
Q2555 Matt's Gallery / Artangel
Q4648 Meinblau e. V. publishing organisation
Q2543 Melville House
Q2551 Mercier Union/White Walls
Q4629 Milch publishing organisation
Q4637 Mima publishing organisation
Q2669 Monaco Magazine
Q2641 Mono.konsum
Q2560 Montez Press Publisher of texts writing against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas which inform the workings of the contemporary knowledge economy
Q5681 Mother of Pearl luxury sustainable womenswear brand based in London
Q4624 Mu.Zee Gallery publishing organisation
Q5532 Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje MOCA Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, North Macedonia
Q2675 Mute Publishing
Q2593 New Documents
Q2520 Norwich Gallery NSAD
Q3332 Nottingham Contemporary One of the largest contemporary art galleries in the UK, presenting free exhibitions, special events, and family activities.
Q2686 Nudna fotografia
Q2636 OM Publishing
Q336 Occasional Papers Publisher
Q2649 Octagon
Q343 Office of Culture and Design Filipino publishing studio
Q5248 Office of Metaphors Juliette Lizotte | jujulove Contributor in the DAAP
Q2651 Olivares
Q3448 Onomatopee publisher
Q2648 Openmute
Q3506 Ort Gallery Ort Gallery is an artist-led exhibition space in Balsall Heath, Birmingham with the social mission to facilitate dialogue in the community
Q1029 PALAGKAS Temporary publishing organisation
Q5389 PSS Press PSS Publisher
Q3524 PUNCH publisher & bookshop based in Bucharest, focused on contemporary practices and theory in art, architecture, design and related fields
Q2685 Paper Beats Rock
Q1030 Pavilionary Press publishing organisation
Q2603 Pearson US Imports & PHIPEs
Q3603 Picpus Press
Q3586 Pluto Press
Q4575 Prepareprepare Publishing publishing organisation
Q3388 Primary Information a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to publish artists’ books and artists’ writings
Q4652 Progetto Prada Arte publishing organisation
Q2616 PrtScrPress
Q2619 Psychoanal
Q3241 Publication Studio London A publisher run by Louisa Bailey and Sharon Mah.
Q2700 Published with support from Nottingham Trent University
Q3725 Queer Reads Library 流動閱酷 QRL, queer reads library, Queer Reads Library, 流動閱酷 Queer Reads Library (QRL) is a mobile collection of books and independently published zines centered around queer subjectivity. We collaborate with activists, archivists, and artists to facilitate discussions, workshops, and other programs.
Q2526 R T Edwards
Q4579 RE/SEARCH Publications publishing organisation
Q2591 Rachmaninoff's
Q4587 Rau Studio publishing organisation
Q2584 Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd
Q1041 Raven Row publishing organisation
Q2566 Ravensyard Publishing
Q2612 Rebel ZOO
Q2532 Reformation Press
Q4582 Relief Press publishing organisation
Q3673 Renaro
Q4649 Revolver Archiv fur aktuelle Kunst publishing organisation
Q2580 Ridinghouse
Q2650 Ridinghouse Publisher: Doro Globus
Q2581 Ridinghouse/Karsten Schubert
Q344 Ringier AG
Q2665 Routledge
Q2531 Royal College of Art
Q4623 Sartorial Contemporary Art Gallery publishing organisation
Q5946 Scheidegger & Spiess Swiss publisher of books on art, architecture and photography
Q2621 Semiotext(e): MIT Press
Q2644 Sender Brocken
Q4607 Serpent's Tail Ltd publishing organisation
Q1037 Sharman and Co publishing organisation
Q2530 Silver Mountain Foundation, Inc.
Q2527 Simon & Schuster International
Q4650 Slade School of Fine Art University College publishing organisation
Q4619 Sleeperhold Publications publishing organisation
Q2567 Slimvolume
Q3468 Slimvolume publisher
Q2614 Softcopy Multimedia Publishing
Q2671 Soloshow Publishing
Q431 Something Else Press Founded by Dick Higgins in 1963
Q2634 Son Gallery
Q2615 Sorika
Q3335 Space Station Sixty-Five Gallery based in London
Q4630 Space Studios publishing organisation
Q2626 Spanish Pavillion
Q2653 Spare Change Books
Q2592 Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
Q2657 Starkmann Limited
Q4574 Stereo publishing organisation
Q2663 Sternberg Press
Q4588 Strange Attractor Press publishing organisation
Q2642 Strategic Questions
Q233 Studio Mousse Mousse Publishing contributor in the DAAP
Q5682 Summerhall arts complex and events venue in Edinburgh, Scotland
Q2639 TENT.10
Q4585 THE ICE PLANT publishing organisation
Q4594 TRUE TRUE TRUE publishing organisation
Q2562 Tambona Ediciones
Q2673 Tate Gallery Liverpool
Q2535 Tate Modern
Q2637 Technographics
Q4573 Tenderbooks publishing organisation
Q2622 Test Centre
Q2550 Thames & Hudson
Q2625 The Art Writing Guild
Q2676 The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Q4590 The Arts University College at Bournemouth publishing organisation
Q2544 The Beat Juice
Q2668 The British Council
Q2647 The Carnival Press
Q2583 The Centre for Useless Splendour
Q4066 The Douglas Hyde Gallery of Contemporary Art
Q185 The Everyday Press publishing organisation
Q2545 The Many Press
Q4608 The Modern Language Experiment publishing organisation
Q4640 The Royal College of Art publishing organisation
Q3929 The Vanity Press publishing imprint / moniker of artist Fiona Banner
Q4578 The White Review publishing organisation
Q2694 The Wine & Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London
Q4631 The Woodmill publishing organisation
Q4600 Third Person Press publishing organisation
Q2578 Thomas Nelson
Q3592 Treize
Q4075 Ulises bookshop and project space dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications
Q4605 Uniformbooks publishing organisation
Q2547 University of Canterbury
Q4589 Urbanomic publishing organisation
Q2628 Veenman Publishers
Q2577 Vernacular Publications
Q3433 Verso Verso Book publisher
Q4577 Victoria & Albert Museum publishing organisation
Q2597 Victory Press, and Peckham Platform
Q3219 Walkin Studios Walkin Studios is a creative hub of action for artists. It is an ecosystem that promotes dialogue, collaboration, experimentation and dissemination of art in Bangalore, India
Q2664 Werkplaats Typografie
Q2514 White-Card
Q4613 Wild Pansy Press publishing organisation
Q2546 Wilson Stephens and Jones
Q2573 WorldTrade Executive
Q1033 Wysing Arts Centre publishing organisation
Q2658 X Marks the Bökship
Q1032 YH485 PRESS publishing organisation
Q2635 Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Q1049 ZINGERpresents publishing organisation
Q2558 Zizek Press
Q4581 ZizekPress publishing organisation
Q5465 domobaal A commercial art gallery in London
Q3520 torch press Independent book label
Q3256 vanillaedizioni Vanilla Edizioni publisher