DAAP Tutorials

Welcome to the DAAP tutorial resources. The tutorials will show you step-by-step how to add data to the archive. We are using the Wikibase software for building this archive, and so if you have used Wikidata already, most things will be familiar. If you haven’t used this type of software before, just follow the steps in the tutorials below to gain familiarity with the system.


List of tutorials

1. Creating an Account access here

2. Understanding how the database backend talks to the web frontend access here

3. Creating a new Item access here

4. Editing Item pages access here

5. Linking other Items needed to describe a work access here

6. Adding media access here

7. Adding longer text descriptions access here

8. Creating collections and lists in the database access here

9. Using the keyword search service access here

10. Using the query service for advanced search access here